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We recognise that a rich network of partners can generate significant value for both entrepreneurs and investors. As we grow, so do the opportunities to work with us and our community.

Ways to partner

Refer companies for funding

Access to capital is one of the key challenges for growing companies. Introduce exciting high-growth companies to Seedrs. And, work with the most active funder of UK private companies, helping them to fund, grow and flourish. 

Leading accelerators, co-working spaces, accountancy firms and business advisers leverage this programme.


Provide your clients with access to capital and support for growth

Ensure your clients are well funded

Introduce businesses you believe in to a funding method that supports their growth

Build stronger client relationships

Introduce businesses to hundreds of new potential customers

Earn referral fees – capitalise on your network

Provide business support

Grow your business by supporting companies on their entrepreneurship journey. 

 Our trusted network of suppliers provides support services to the thousands of companies we work with every year – pre, during and post raise.

Support opportunities

The companies that raise with us require a wide range of assistance, such as:

Pre-funding prep for their round – like expert help with financials, video production and branding.

During-round support – help with everything from ops to advisory.

Post-funding growth services – support for growing companies that have funded on Seedrs, including: help with accounting software, HR support, work space, marketing and scaling-up.


Receive a steady flow of business from innovative companies

Support high-growth and exciting businesses

Access our network of hundreds of funded high-growth companies

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